Strictly Hardcore Fitness

   Located in beautiful South East Houston, POWER HOUSE GYM HOUSTON is a No Bullshit Gym. You come here to train and train hard. Grow stronger with every visit and cut out the crap like those other gyms. You have your routine we have all the gear to accommodate them and more!

   Start off a new you with weight-loss and fitness training programs: You’ll sweat your ass off, cry and beg for more. Featuring all the weights, training equipment and personalized trainers you need to kick your fitness into high gear. We have everything you need for Power lifting, Deadlifting all the way down to the heaviest dumbbells.

   Membership Details: $25 Dollars a Month, flat. Thats it! No hidden fees or additional charges, just $25 bucks! Other specials and service member discounts available, click HERE for more Membership details.

Come Join Us!

Tony Sentmanat, Guy Cisternino, Shaun Vasquez, John Bartolo, Matt Lehr and Hunter Labrada all meet up at Powerhouse Houston for a really epic gym takeover at Powerhouse Houston during the Branch Warren weekend event.

Check out @realworldtactical Tony Sentmanat recent trip to Dallas and Houston Texas with the GASP Crew. Day 1 covers Chest at Destination Dallas, Day 2 did Some Running and Gunning at Branch Warrens private Range and Day 3 paid a visit to Powerhouse Gym houston.




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No matter what type of gym you are looking for we have all the gear to fit your needs. You make what it is.

Hours Of Operation

Open 7:30 am-10 pm


Located right off of 225 and 45 South Freeway in South East Houston: 8404 Park Terrace, Houston, Texas 77017

Bodybuilding Gym

Maintaining your physique, want to grow from amateur to professional bodybuilder status? We have all the equipment and weight rooms are stacked floor to ceiling with the proper gear you need. Are you an amateur bodybuilding working your way up the IFBB ranks? Our professional tips and consulting from our staff will help give you that extra drive. Our programs, weight room and exercise equipment can give you all you need, bring your goals and we’ll help you accomplish them.



HOUSTON’s ONLY! Houston’s ONLY Bodybuilding Gym

We are proud to call ourselves THE ONLY BODYBUILDING GYM in ALL OF HOUSTON, our membership spans all of South East Houston, Pasadena, Clear Lake and League City, North Houston, North East Houston, Galleria, Richmond and even from Katy to the Woodlands, our members come to Power House Gym Houston to experience the best and high quality no B.S. gym. Out of town for NPC Texas, the Texas Bodybuilding Contents or your part of IFBB then come on thru we have all the gear for you!




Professional Photographers, Portfolio Pictures and Magazine Shoots are Welcomed

We welcome all professional bodybuilders, models and photographers to shoot here at Houston’s only bodybuilding gym for free. You have full range of the gym and our private posing room. You can bring your own photographer or we have some you hire. Call for more details and to schedule your personal photo shoot.




Family Friendly

POWER HOUSE GYM HOUSTON prides itself in being an open gym for ALL. Bring your wife, girlfriend, husband, girlfriend, teenage kids, all are welcomed. We offer the most friendliest environments and have strict reinforcement against bad behavior. Your come to our gym to work out and that’s what you’ll do!

Our Mission

Bodybuilding: The purpose of POWER HOUSE GYM HOUSTON for Bodybuilders is to provide the utmost high quality in tools and equipment for you to achieve your goals. From beach body ready enthusiast to amateur and true bodybuilding professionals we have all you need to feed your inner beast. We can provide you that next step you need from mentally or physically achieving your goals.

Weight-loss: The purpose of POWER HOUSE GYM HOUSTON is not simply to give you access to different machines, it’s to increase the likelihood you’ll continue exercise to maintain your fitness. We do this through a combination of equipment, education, training and socialization that keep you motivated, coming back and on track to continually improve and expand your training.

What we’re all about: GO HARD OR GO HOME